Frequently Asked Questions

“Remittance” is another word for a money transfer. These are usually sent to different countries for personal use.  Sometimes people send money to themselves if they have a mobile phone or bank account overseas.

Money can be sent to bank accounts or for cash pickup*.

Tc Remit offers greater convenience than traditional money transfer services that often require their customers to travel to an agent.  These old-fashioned services also tend to charge higher fees.

The internet has improved our lives in many ways.  We all know how quick and easy it is to send an email or to buy something from an online store.

Tc remit is doing the same thing for money transfers. Our services are simple to use, low cost, fast and secure.

Money can be sent to bank accounts or for cash pickup* .TC Remit is committed to keeping our customers and their money safe and secure as the service is powered by RIA Finance. A very reliable name in remittance worldwide with its physical presence in more than 100 countries.

TC Remit does not provide online remittance services.

We do provide our customers with personal log in details on our website where customers can securely upload and save their details and ID requirements for easy use of the services from TC Remit.

Also, for security and legal reasons, it is important for us to know the source of funds before it can be remitted abroad.

We do, however, offer cash collection to recipients in many countries through our trusted partners.

You can visit the TC Remit local office or you can send all the required docs on

Required document includes;


*Address Proof

*Source of Income

*Receiver and their bank details

Once the Documents have been received by TC Remit, we will process the transfer.

If you have a question about the progress of your transfer, please contact TC Remit customer service at +64 224736488 or write at

TC Remit offers money transfer service to most of the countries through RIA Finance.

You can contact our customer service team for daily updated remittance rates of your preferred country by sending an email at or by calling on 0800 2247365.

The available receiving options (e.g. bank deposit or cash pickup) are depended upon the country/ destination you are remitting money to, subject to RIA Finance’s terms and conditions.

The maximum amount of money you can send depends on where you live.  This is because different countries have different rules relating to money transfers.

Sending limits also vary depending on how you pay for the transfer.  Card payments often have a different limit to payments from your bank account.

To check the limit for your particular transfer, please contact our customer service team for more countries by sending email at or by calling on 0800 2247365.

It is important that we are able to keep the TC Remit service safe for all of our customers.  By asking for official identification, we are able to verify that people sending money are who they say they are.  We are also required by law to carry out these checks.

You may be contacted by a member of the TC Remit Customer Care team asking you to provide a copy of your official identification.  In most circumstances these can be uploaded directly to us within minutes.

When transferring money to a foreign bank account, you will be asked to enter certain numbers to ensure the money reaches your recipient. You should get these numbers from the person you are sending to.
It is vitally important that you enter these numbers correctly and double-check them before sending money.
To complete the transfer we will normally need the recipient’s bank name and account number. For other countries you may be asked for one of the following:

ABA Routing number

The ABA Routing number is also sometimes called the Routing Transit Number (RTN).
It is used to identify banks in the United States and is required along with the account number to perform a transfer.
The ABA Routing number is 9 digits long and composed of numbers only.


The International Bank Account Number is used in many countries around the world.
Contained within the IBAN is information about the receiving country, bank, branch and account number.
The IBAN is up to 34 characters long and includes numbers and letters.


The Bank Identifier Code (sometimes called SWIFT) is used in many countries around the world. It contains information about the receiving country, bank and branch. The BIC/SWIFT is either 8 or 11 digits long and includes numbers and letters.


IFSC Code is Indian Financial System Code, which is an eleven character code assigned by RBI to identify every bank branches uniquely, that are participating in NEFT system in India. This code is used by electronic payment system applications such as RTGS, National Electronic Fund Transfer and CFMS.

We use the recipient’s mobile number and email address to send them notifications about the progress of their transfer.

Note: You must supply a mobile phone number for the recipient.  Email address is optional.

We accept payment by eftpos, funds transfer to our bank account.

Phishing is the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers, online.

  1. The email has improper spelling or grammar
  2. The hyperlinked URL is different from the one shown
  3. The email urges you to take immediate action
  4. The email requests for personal information
  5. The email says you’ve won a contest you haven’t entered
  6. The email asks you to make a donation
  7. The email includes suspicious attachments

The best way to avoid becoming the victim of phishing is to be aware of common scams. Carefully review email messages you receive to see if it is a phishing scam.


In addition to learning how to spot a phishing email, here are a few other things you can do to better protect yourself and others from phishing scams.

*Adjust your email settings for what is allowed in your inbox

*Security software is a must

*Report the phishing scams

If you suspect you have been victim of phishing email, don’t second guess yourself report it to The Department of Internal Affairs .

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